Online Time Tracking Paves the Way

Online time tracking helps companies in a lot of different ways.  Tracking where employees are, what you are paying them for, and their time becomes easier than ever when you utilize this software.

It also allows you to keep up with whose working when, schedule staff accurately, and track jobs, tasks, projects and clients.  You can even manage time off, paid time off, and overtime with this type of software.  The process of an audit taking place and conducting your payroll are also simpler thanks to online time tracking software.  Traditional paper methods of tracking time can prove problematic when it comes to tracking employees.

Errors made in calculation and eligibility are also common problems associated with paper methods of tracking employee time.  However, time tracking software is done on a computer, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not you will be able to read it later.  It’s also backed up to a cloud so that if a computer system crashes you can still easily access your records.  As for errors in calculations, time tracking programs like Clockspot utilize a time clock calculator that eliminates common calculation errors and saves your company money.

When you decide to incorporate an online time tracking program into your company, you need to realize that this software paves the way for an easier and less stressful way to manage almost every aspect of employees.  Employees can clock in from anywhere, on any preapproved device.  This allows you to keep up with who is working when.  Because this software typically uses GPS technology combined with the IP address used to clock in, you can see where each employee is located while they are on the clock, ensuring you are paying them while they are on the job and not at the coffee house next door.  You can also easily keep up with how long an employee has worked and pull up and review timesheets from any preapproved device that can access the internet.

You can instantly pull up and see what employees you have working that day, what jobs you have going on, and who is working with which client or at what job.  When scheduling, you can easily see which employee is scheduled off on what days.  This allows you to accurately staff your business and ensure you are not over or under staffed.  You can track all of the current jobs, tasks, projects, and clients that your company is involved in, who is paired with what tasks, and who is working where.  Overtime is an issue at every company.  This software allows you to easily view and manage your employee’s over time.

You can see who has how many hours, who is reaching their limit, and who is nowhere near making overtime yet.  This allows you to evenly spread overtime through all employees and helps ensure you don’t overwork one or two employees.  You can also sign up for alerts when an employee begins to draw close to their maximum amount of hours for the week.  This allows you to ensure no one goes over their allotted amount of overtime and you are not blindsided come payday.

Audit’s give even the most tranquil individual a major headache.  Some of these online tracking programs make the process of a conducting an audit a lot easier.  Every change that has ever been made to any timesheet is tracked, allowing you to go back and see what clock times were edited or deleted, who did and what time the change occurred.  All of the information is also backed up at least once a day, insuring that you will always be able to go back and look at the information you need for an audit.  Paper trials can be lost, but this way all of the information is easily accessible and on hand the second audit period comes around.

Payroll is also an easier challenge.  You can finish your payroll more quickly than ever when utilizing this software.  You can easily pull up timesheets for any employ and time off all totals for the current pay period.  Employees also have easy access to their pay slips at any time, allowing them an easy way to track their hours and pay and ensure everything matches up.  Most even allow you to give permissions and decide what each employee can and cannot do with the site.  This means that you can hire managers or assign roles according to how you wish to divide tasks among your staff.

Online time tracking is paving the way for an easier and more efficient way to track your employee time.  As technology becomes more advanced, so does the software and what you can do when you use it.  You and your company could save money in the long run by utilizing a system which allows you easy access to all your records in an organized and easy to read format.

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