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Apple’s iPad is a great device. The recent version of iPad has so far positive reviews after going through a couple of serious and stress tests. The performance of the recent iPad 2 when compared to a number of other devices including Google Nexus and even iPhone 3GS proved out to be a better machine.

The device has more number of features as compared to the predecessors along with being a light weight and fast machine. Talking about the graphic performance it seems to be far better than the previous machines. You can also find front and rear cameras as sweet goodies along with incredible dual core processors giving a double CPU performance.

The iPad 2 Performance

The iPad 2 is equipped with 1 GHz and a dual core chip known as A5. The CPU graphic performance of this device is felt extremely impressive to many of people reviewing the machine as it is noticeably much faster to the previous versions. Hence the games and rich graphic based applications run smoothly along with having higher frame rates and even while dealing with GarageBand the CPU intensive programs.

Entertainment Element

Owing to the large and big resolution screen, the iPad is certainly better than the iPhone. Hence whether you are watching a video or browsing internet, it makes no difference. The better resolution screen and robust browser makes the performance much better than any PC or smartphone. The same is the story of the audio effects; the iTune version found over the iPad 2 is really stunning and useful. The gaming experience found over this machine is incredible, thanks to the high end graphic performance.

Battery Life

The battery life of iPad 2 is better than the previous versions, which is around 10.33 hours. In fact, during the heavy use of 3G and wi-fi on, the application testing, news reading, browsing, picture and video taking, emailing and music listening. Regardless of the light or heavy use, the people testing the device didn’t see the battery life getting down. During the standard video test (while running the MPEG4 video on Wi-Fi) the device seemed working perfectly till the last minute of 10 hours and 26 minutes of total battery life. The iPad simply delivers what it claims when it comes to battery life.


The new iOS browser works incredibly thanks to the presence of Nitro JavaScript engine in the Mobile Safari software. During the testing, the Sunspider number appeared 2173.1ms which is better than the iPhone and the previous versions of iPad. However, the Motorola is somewhere close to the iPad in browser performance which means speed is not just Apple’s monopoly. Generally speaking, the browser performance was noticed pretty faster and better in terms of response as compared to the previous iPad versions.

The iPad 2 is as high powered as any powerful desktop computer. The additional factors you enjoy with this machine are power and portability. Your iPad can therefore be a perfect machine for your office use along with enjoying good games and videos. It can be a great device for people who often have to travel for their business. At the same time it can be a great device for your vacation as well.


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