Opening Your Blog for Guest Posting


I had mentioned about the benefits of writing guest post and a simple guide on how to do it before this.

Yes, writing guest post brings a lot of benefits to us. How about other people writing a guest post for you?

Now let’s talk about opening your blog for guest posting.

Guest posting creates a mutual relationship between the guest bloggers and the webmasters of the blogs or websites. We had discussed about the benefits writing guest posts for the guest bloggers so now let’s see some benefits that a webmaster could get from opening your blog for guest posting.

  1. Guest bloggers give fresh contents for your blog so it will widen your blog’s perspective and opinion.
  2. Relevant and interesting articles will attract more relevant readers and visitors thus increasing traffic for your blog.
  3. Interesting articles will gain publicity for your blog.

It’s not quite hard to open your blog for guest posting especially when your blog is popular and has a good PageRank but you have to consider some circumstances those can affect your blog so you have to take some measurements to avoid any future problems.

  1. Make a special page or post to tell that your blog is open for guest posting. List what content that you accept for your blog with the guidelines and requirements.
  2. Make sure the guest post that had been submitted to you had never been published content to avoid duplicate content and copyright infringement.
  3. Restrict any keyword link or affiliate link so that you can acquire fresh and sincere content from the guest bloggers.
  4. Edit the article that had been submitted to you if you think you need to edit it. Don’t ever hesitate to edit or modify the article because it’s your right as the webmaster.
  5. Deal wisely with the guest bloggers and don’t demand too much so they will be more than happy to write again for your blog in the future.

Some people asked me whether BloggerDaily is open for guest posting or not. My answer is yes! You can write a guest post for BloggerDaily and share your opinions and experiences related to blogging with the readers. You can increase backlinks to your site and optimize your site’s performance. Read the details here if you feel interested in wiriting guest post for BloggerDaily.

Happy blogging!

Nasrul Hanis

Blogging & writing as a part of life. A Thesis lover who loves to spend most of his time exploring and discovering new paradigm and meet new friends.

25 thoughts to “Opening Your Blog for Guest Posting”

  1. Nice tips you’ve listed to take care before opening up gues blogging!

    But in my opinion , you should open up guest blogging only when u have a good amount of traffic! The person whose guest posting should also get some benefit of traffic. Else they will not be motivated to gues post. Even Revenue Sharing helps!

    Good to hear that you’ve opened up gues posting at Blogger Daily


    One thing i forgot to mention is that, it also helps ease the pressure of the webmaster..

  2. I would be interested to know if you have been deluged by spammy guest blogging articles, or whether you have genuinely useful content being submitted.

    Would you be able to feed back in your blog in a month or so’s time? I think it would be valuable to the blogging community.

    Likewise, with your blog being open to dofollow commenting, are you finding a tidal wave of link-seeking irrelevant comments?


  3. Glad to know that you’ve opened up your blog for guest posting. Your blog is simple and easy to use. People won’t have a hard time using and navigating your site. Keep up the good work.

  4. Guest posting is definitely the best way to get quality one-way backlinks, more exposure and it helps in branding yourself if you write an awesome article. Anyway, I’ll think what I can write for your blog. 🙂


  5. Hi admin, Very nice post, OH Liane you also here, happy to see you, but i want to appreciate all commentators to visit my blog also and tell me how is it?

  6. I’ve opened my blog for guest post few months already. I noticed that some of them doesn’t know the power of guest post, some of them write poor guest post while some of them have really good guest post. They never know that if they produce useful and nice guest post, eventually they will get more readers in return.

    Anyway, I’m strict in choosing guest post recently. I only pick those guest post that really helps my reader in term of blogging or make money from the blog.


  7. I’m open to receive Guest post from anyone who is interested in posting their content of my blog, but the topic must be about blogging tips and making profits from blogging. Great tips anyway, and I’m sure maybe people should benefit from accepting Guest Post.

  8. A guest blog post is a good idea to increase the backlinks. Also it gives a blogger an opportunity to share a platform with a fellow blogger on a common niche. Sharing posts is indeed a good way to improve relationships online.

  9. Guest posting a good way to increase the popularity of a blog. It is the easiest way to make more people aware of your blog and bring fresh and updated content on the blog.

  10. This looks cool so far, what’s up people?
    If there are any real people here looking to network, leave me a post.
    Oh, and yes I’m a real person LOL.


  11. I have been approached by a few users to guest blog on my site, but turned them down as I was not ready for it.

    At this stage I think I’m ready, but working out the last few details before I open my site.

    Thanks for this tips, I will definitely use them 🙂

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