Optimization Secrets for Using Instagram in SEO

Instagram is a social platform which is continuously increasing its popularity. So even the companies which do not possess photo driven initiatives, are now getting involved with this social media platform.

As soon as you have opened your Instagram account, you are required to follow some strategies that will help you in the optimization activities.

Arrange Contests And Declare Prizes

This is a very common social media strategy where you can show your creativity by arranging the contests as well as prizes for the winners. If you can invest some money here, you can go a long way in the social media. If you can earn some thousands of extra followers, you need to give away prizes. For gaining the engagement, try aiming on the hash tags and images.

Use The Business Tools

Business tools can be used for the advertising on Instagram. Relevant photos and stories can be used by using the right filtering options. This will help in delivering the right images to the right people with the specific features. The metrics will help you in observing how your posts are maintaining the performance and whether they are available to everyone or not. Some of the data of the metrics may include insights, engagements, insights, reach, shares and impressions because of your paid advertisements. By navigating the campaign section , you can easily find the required metrics.

Keyword Research On Hash Tags

The conventional SEO techniques can come to work with this research. Though Instagram is not a search engine, it has search option, which is most popular with the hash tags.  The hash tag is nothing but the keyword with the hash sign ‘#’ in front of it. Unlike the keywords, you can use as many hash tags for gaining more exposure. You can even add the hash tags at the end of the post. For obtaining guidance about the right usage, you can take expert help from instamacro.com. You cannot have a hash tag planner from Google just as you possess the keyword planner. But you must identify the relevant hash tags and must use them according to the relevancy. You can take help from Websta , which can provide you with the best 100 hash tags that are trendy or popular in your niche market.

Associate With Charity or Non-Profitable Organization

Involve yourself with the charitable or non-profitable organization. General public will always support the companies which are doing well for the community. Even if you cannot help directly through your company, make it a point to help indirectly. You can give away a certain amount of profit to the nonprofit organizations. If you are concerned about some issues, you can raise funds for them. The employees of the organization can be sent to the service trips for social works. You can take photos of the social services and post them on Instagram.

Purchase An Instagram Account Which Is Already Established

If you possess an Instagram account, with established followers, half of your work has been done. Sometimes the established account may have the wrong audience and it may negatively affect your online marketing activities. Always remember that quality is more important than quantity.

Links Never Work On Instagram

You can definitely place a link within your profile but remember the link cannot be hyperlinked. So Instagram has the sole purpose of increasing the visibility and the brand awareness but never promotes the link building activities.

You must understand the process of Instagram activities and how can it be used for attracting the audience. When it comes for increasing the number of following or optimization, you can easily depend on the visual platform known as the Instagram.

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