How To Install Paginator for Thesis Theme

Page navigation is an important element for your blog as it helps your readers and visitors to access older pages of your blog. There are a lot of ways and choices for you to create page navigation for your blog. I had tried several ways and plugins for page navigation. Some of them are very difficult to setup so I guess it’s better for us to choose the easier one.

My favorite page navigation is Paginator and I use it for all my blogs. I use Thesis for all my blogs so I can say Paginator is a nice plugin for Thesis users!

* Non-Thesis users can also install this plugin but you have to install it according to the theme you installed.

So why I love Paginator?

  • Easy to setup and not so complicated
  • User-friendly and its design is cool!
  • You can modify the CSS to match it with your blog color theme

Installing Paginator

Let’s see how to install Paginator for Thesis theme. I’ll show you how to do it step by step.

Download Paginator plugin and install it.

Then as usual activate it. Insert the following code into “After Content” using Thesis OpenHook. (In case you still don’t have Thesis OpenHook, download it here then install and activate it first.)

<div><?php if(function_exists('wp_paginator')) { wp_paginator(); } ?></div>

Check the three options under the space:

  • Execute PHP on this hook
  • Remove Thesis post navigation
  • Remove Thesis prev/next posts

Modifying Paginator

Modifying Paginator is easy.

To configure Paginator setting, just go to Dashboard > Settings > Paginator. There is no much thing to do but I think this is nice because it’s very simple. Choose how much pages you want to display and whether you want to display total number of pages or not. Then “Save Changes”. Simple.

To modify the color and CSS of Paginator, edit the CSS file at /wp-content/plugins/paginator/skin/paginator3000.css

Do some trial and error to match the Paginator with your blog theme and color until you feel satisfy.

Done! Now you got an awesome page navigation for your blog!

I hope this tutorial helps you. If you have any questions, feedback or suggestion related to Paginator or page navigation, feel free to say something through your comment below!

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