It’s OK to Go Offline for A While

Wow – I left this blog for a while.

But that is not a problem. Believe it or not, we are mostly attached to the online world nowadays – online news, ebooks, websites or at least using a Facebook or Twitter account.

Yes – I love blogging. I love writing online. And I love online world! But that never means that I can’t live without Internet. We can survive without Internet in our daily life and that’s why I tried to go offline for a while.

An Essential Rest

I’m currently running a number of blogs with some writers assisting me. I can update 5-10 blogs per day but reaching at certain point, I felt tired and dull of doing it.


I tried to find the answer – a writer’s block? or I feel stuck in blogging? losing new ideas? or it’s just because I’m pushing myself too hard? So I took a rest for a while and tried to feel a life without blogging. I played football, watching movies, reading books and sightseeing. Yeah, it works. I feel free and happy of doing something else. Then I realized that the feeling that I got before came from my own attitude – I’m not enjoying my life.

Enjoying Life is Essential

Since I started doing online writing back in 2008, I keep striving and put all my efforts to pursue my target in blogging. Yes – I got it. A number of blogs generating income and a lot of online friends who give a lot of inspirations. But the thing is – I chose not to enjoy it. Despite of enjoying writing ideas – I focused too much on generating income-soul contents and keep checking my traffic everyday. I feel stressed. I feel bored. And that’s why I chose to go offline for a while where I could find a “real” enjoyment.

Enjoying What You Are Doing

Now I got my lesson. It is not how much you get or how good you are in getting traffic and generating income but how much you enjoy what you are doing. I love blogging and I love writing, but my attitude in not enjoying what I’m doing led me to boredom and tiredness.

Sharing is An Essence of Enjoyment

I spent my leisure time with my buddies and we talked about a lot of things – from foods, cultures, investments, books and life and I enjoyed it so much. One more lesson – sharing gives you the feel of enjoyment! I guess it could change my mindset of sharing things online – what can you give and how you can inspire people.

It’s OK to Go Offline

Well – I think it’s not something wrong to go offline for a while. I took my offline time to enjoy some meaningful moments and in some sense it motivates me.

Time to be back online with a better mindset!

Nasrul Hanis

Blogging & writing as a part of life. A Thesis lover who loves to spend most of his time exploring and discovering new paradigm and meet new friends.

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