Why Organic Social Media Content Matters in SEO

Search results are ranked based on how relevant the website is. The more relevant the contents of a particular site, the higher the rankings will be. Nowadays, however, relevance is achieved not through search engine optimization (SEO) efforts alone, but also through social media engagement. SEO can no  longer be separated from social media marketing (SMM) and here’s why.

People are social media savvy

The figures are out. More than 1.5 billion people worldwide post updates on their Facebook walls.  More than 1 billion people watch random videos on YouTube. More than 350 million are microblogging on Twitter. The numbers are growing as well, showing no signs of slowing down. Thereby, we can say that social media is thriving. Not to mention, the brains behind Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, among others, are continuously rolling out functions and features that the users will find interesting to use.

These are real people who like to publish and read contents that organically appear on their timelines and notifications. We hate to see posts that only aim to promote and sell and seeing them for the 5th time or so in just an hour. These acts are spammy in nature and these posts are considered as digital clutters that users deliberately ignore and delete.

People want to interact

Remember that Google cares about your social media visibility as well as the authenticity of such visibility. The main goal of your official pages thereby is to connect to the users and engage them through your contents. It is important that your users find your Facebook page, for instance, as valuable for them to like, comment or share your post. If your Facebook page contains too many links that directly points to your website – a click-bait, that is, Google will perceive it as a low-quality page.

Interestingly, sometimes, it only takes a single recommendation from a friend to try a particular product than hundreds to thousands of fake testimonials flooding your page. Yes, your followers would know that you are just luring them to buy. It would be easy for them to discern that you don’t value their presence and you are just after their business. Social media is called as such for a reason.

Search engines hate spam

Google works hard in ensuring that the users are getting the high quality of experience that they deserve. Google detests spam because their ruin the quality of the search experience. The users are using search engines to look for information in the first place. This is also the reason why digital marketers are constantly on the lookout for the types of contents that best perform on social media.

People want to read solutions, step-by-step instructions, further information and reasons or purpose behind conclusions and watch demonstrations. Put simply, your user would want to read a post about proper floor care than seeing an advert about your latest corded bagless vacuum cleaner.

The bottom line is if you are considering social media as a crowd-sourcing platform (which you should), your contents should be as organic as possible. Organic contents are the epitome of relevance that is, when it comes to SEO and SMM.

Jeric Cantil

Jeric is a Filipino blogger and a digital marketing enthusiast. He's currently working at Optimind, a digital marketing agency that provide services such as SEO, mobile app development, social media marketing and web design in Philippines.

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