Better Than Nothing

I still remember the early days of my involvement in blogging and sometimes I smile when remembering about it. It is because the things happened at the fast directly or indirectly affect our today’s life. And that is what we call history.

I started blogging as a trend followers when I was in secondary school where I saw my schoolmates building their own blogs so I created one for myself as I didn’t want to be left behind. Then I realized that blogging is a nice thing to express something and then your expression can be commented by other people or readers.

Blogging then becomes my hobby where I found that I can make a lot of friends and know a lot of things through blogging. One of my friends introduced Adsense to me and starting from that time I realized that making money online is not impossible; the thing is – how can I make money online? I kept wondering and since it’s a rare chance to get online, the question dissolved itself.

Time moves and then I went for the next level – using a self-hosted blog. That was for my personal blog and I felt so happy to have my own self-hosted blog with ‘.com’ behind the address. I blogged almost everyday and made a lot friends through blogging and then commenting at other people’s blogs. Yeah, it is one of the technique for getting traffic to your blog but I even didn’t know that it is a ‘technique’ at that time.

One day I found a portal for paid post, a new thing for me. I then tried to register my personal blog and fortunately had been approved. In a few days, I got a writing job. I tried to write based on the requirements and submitted my article. Within a few days, an amount money had been transferred into my Paypal account. I said to myself – “Wow! They pay me for writing the article!”

Since that day, I explored a lot of things about blogging seriously and found a lot of things including various bloggers and techniques. Although I’m still a student, I grew my niche blogs based on the research that I did and I happy to see it worked well. The amazing thing is when I realized that blogging involves discipline and within a few months, I feel more confident to use English and writing articles through blogging.

Some people said to me that blogging is for noobs. What? I feel pity for the people who said that because currently I got money almost everyday from blogging! I feel that blogging had changed my life, not completely but a big part of it. I feel happy because blogging helped me to be better than nothing.

Happy blogging!

Nasrul Hanis

Blogging & writing as a part of life. A Thesis lover who loves to spend most of his time exploring and discovering new paradigm and meet new friends.

4 thoughts to “Better Than Nothing”

  1. Totally agree to Alex Monroe. I’m sure people who say blogging is for noobs don’t even now what a blog is and never wrote a blog entry in their entire life. Before saying that something sux, you should first try it yourself.

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