Modifying Comments on Our Blog?

I received an interesting question from my fellow blogger a few days ago – do we have the right to modify comments on our blog? This question is somewhat weird however I think it is a unique matter because I never think or come across to it.

Yes, we receive numerous comments on our blog with different expressions, opinions and styles and sometimes spam. But do we have the right to modify them? For example, some people might leaving short comments such as “Nice!” or “I agree” or doing mistake in typing or use of words. These comments might not a big matter for some webmasters/bloggers, but some of us might consider much about it. Again, the question is – do we have the right to modify comments on our blog?
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New Year 2010: Determination Motivates Betterment?

I often heard some friends keep saying about their own approach and way of determination when we are going to the new year. I want to be this. I want to be better and etc. Sometimes I like to compare these somewhat motivation words to my blogging performance through these simple questions.

  • Is the traffic increasing?
  • Is the earnings increasing?
  • Am I got enough satisfaction?

I wonder how much questions that I will get if I go into details for this but as a person who is still exploring in this amazing blogging world, I think these three questions are enough for me.
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BloggerDaily Now Supports DoFollow


My beloved readers,

BloggerDaily now supports DoFollow. This is a kind of appreciation for all of you for commenting on my site.

I realize that this DoFollow is one of the gate for spammers so please leave your comment ethically and relevant to the content. You got backlink and I got useful comments from all of you to improve my blogging skills and knowledge.


Kudos to Michelle Marcucci for the NoFollowFree plugin.