Hello world!


Hi there =)

Welcome to BloggerDaily.net!

This is the first post and I feel quite excited to launch  this blog. It’s my dream to have a blog exclusive for blogging tips, resources and discussions.

Check it out.

I love blogging and BloggerDaily is a reflection of my passion for blogging. It’s a great thing to be in the blog-o-sphere and sincerely I feel addicted to it from time to time. And I feel it’s not a bad thing to have this addiction because besides know a lot of new things, I got a lot of new and awesome friends over the Internet!

I’m currently improving myself especially in term of English and writing skills. It’s a great thing to know that blogging helps me improve my skills and knowledge. Now I don’t feel hesitate anymore to write or speak in English compared to 1-2 years ago. Thanks to blogging as I exposed more to new skills and knowledge on my way exploring new things over the Internet.

I really hope BloggerDaily could be a nice platform for us to get something beneficial and discuss various things about blogging. This will include blogging tips, skills, and etc.

BloggerDaily says “Hello World!” and it’s time to begin the journey!

Nasrul Hanis

Blogging & writing as a part of life. A Thesis lover who loves to spend most of his time exploring and discovering new paradigm and meet new friends.

5 thoughts to “Hello world!”

  1. Thank you for the advice regarding editing posts on a blog. I have only been blogging for a
    couple of weeks and have made the mistake a couple of times of posting something and then
    deciding to edit it again. I didn’t realize that a subscriber would get notification every time
    I posted a blog! I only have three followers at present but I certainly don’t want to be
    annoying them. Again, thanks for info – I have a lot to learn!

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